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I still remember her at times

I (Ava) silently went into my room and opened my closet. I saw a picture of my friend. I sat on the bed and remembered the great time I had with my bestie. I had tears in my eyes when I thought about the good times I had with Emma. A friendship that was true with time. Emma and I met in second grade and were besties from then. We shared everything and anything, like sisters would do. Emma was practical and I was the emotional one.

One day she came to me and told me that it is all over between us. I was shattered as I thought that this friendship would last a lifetime. I asked her the reason for the same. I asked her why she does not talk to me anymore and why she is breaking this bond of friendship. She did not reply to me and simply went away. After a week, I came to know from a friend that someone told her that I badmouthed her. Someone told her that I do not think well of her. That was a lie, a third person simply created a rift between a beautiful bond that Emma and I had. I had to move on and she never really came back to me again.

But, I have her picture because she was really close to my heart. I am emotional about people in my life; I lost her in life because of a misunderstanding.

I still remember her and things we did. I still remember our broken friendship.
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