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I will always be there as a friend

Two years back on this day, my friend fainted while we were in a cafe having our regular coffee. I thought it was because she might be tired. Jenny, my friend used to smile a lot but I knew she was not keeping so well. So, I suggested her to visit a doctor and get herself checked. The day she was going to get her medical report was the day I was so nervous. And, then the unexpected happened....

Jenny was diagnosed with Cancer, leaving me shattered. During the course of her treatment, I saw her in a very bad shape and that made me cry each day. I decided to shave my head as well to support her in her treatment. The day she saw me, she had tears in her eyes. She hugged me so tight and that made me realized what she was going through. I supported her and gave her motivational talks each day. Today, by God's grace, Jenny is fine and we share the same loving friendship vibe.

Jenny and I (Nike) have a friendship that can challenge everything. We share everything in life. We share our pains and happiness. We share things we dislike about each other. We share our goals and career prospects too. We are inseparable like soul sisters. When we want to celebrate, we simply dance.

When we want to have fun, we watch a movie. I love the bond we share.
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