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More about Rose

The birth flower for June is the Rose. Most species of the June flower originated in Asia and other species are native to various areas in Europe and North America. The June birth flower is extensively produced in many parts of the world because of its saleable value.

Origin of Name:
The name 'Rose' comes from the Latin word 'Rosa'. It is also called as 'gillyflower' and 'clove pink'. The scientific name for few popular Rose species are listed below.
Rosa Canina - Dog Rose
Rosa Gallica - Gallic Rose
Rosa Virginiana - Virginia Rose
Rosa Banksiae - Lady Banks Rose
Rosa Californica - California Rose
Rosa Carolina - Pasture Rose

Symbolic Meaning:
The June birth flower - Rose has always been cherished for its beauty and symbolizes adore, romance, appreciation, amity, and harmony. Different colored Roses carry different meanings with them. A Red Rose signifies true love. A dark Pink Rose signifies appreciation. White Rose signifies purity and tranquility. Yellow Rose signifies spiritual love and companionship.

Personality Traits:
The people with Rose as June birth flower are believed to be very idealistic and mushy just like the Rose flower itself. They are playful people and are good at making friends. June-born people can very simply adjust and adapt to new situations in life and are not firm. They save their best for the hard times and never fail to deliver.

Special Significance on Holidays/Events: TThe Rose is a beautiful romantic flower and is often exchanged between lovers on many occasions. The June flower holds sweet significance on days like Valentine's day (February 14), Father's day (3rd Sunday in June). On St. George's day people often offer dark red Roses as gifts.

Interesting facts:
- Rose is the national flower of England and United States.
- Rose is the state flower of Iowa, North Dakota, Georgia and New York.
- It is the provincial flower of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Alberta.
- Rose hip, the fruit of some Rose species is one of the richest sources of vitamin C

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