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Ernest Hemingway (American Novelist) to Mary Welsh, April 16, 1945 ďDearest Pickle, So now Iím going out on the boat with Paxthe and Don Andres and Gregorio and stay out all day and then come in and will be sure there will be letters or a letter. And maybe there will be. If there arenít Iíll be a sad s.o.a.b. But you know how you handle that of course? You last through until the next morning. I suppose Iíd better figure on there being nothing until tomorrow night and then it wonít be so bad tonight. Please write me Pickle. If it were a job you had to do youíd do it. Itís tough as hell without you and Iím doing it straight but I miss you so [I] could die. If anything happened to you Iíd die the way an animal will die in the Zoo if something happens to his mate. Much love my dearest Mary and know Iím not impatient. Iím just desperate. ErnestĒ