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An unrequited day

It happened suddenly and I (Claire) had no one except for my two friends who were there. Everything was so good in my life. I had a loving family. My husband was caring and my kids were my world. I had a perfect life if I need to put in a few words. One day something happened that changed my world and left me shattered. My husband and my two kids went for a drive because they wanted to enjoy some time alone. But, that drive turned into a nightmare for me as after an hour I got a dreadful call that my husband and kids are no more. They met with an accident on the road. My world crumpled down and I could hardly speak for days.

My two friends Lucy and Jamie took care of me at that time. They not only supported me at that time but also helped me get my life back on track. After one year of losing my family, I adopted a kid with the help of my friends Lucy and Jamie. I am happy with my kid today. At the same time, I have many wonderful memories of my family in my heart that I will cherish forever.

Thanks to my two friends who have been there for me all the while. They proved what friends are for in life!
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