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Some things are not important

Nothing is the same and its money to blame! Do you think money can come between friendships? If you do not, then you must read my story. My friend George and I (Jayden) were inseparable since college days. We discussed everything and had faith that even if things go wrong in life, we will be there to support each other. I trusted him and he also trusted me for everything so things were smooth. After college, we decided to do business together. A partnership was an apt option. We believed that with this kind of trust we would excel in life.

We started with our business venture in partnership and took big company orders. Our business expanded and we became famous for our product. Everything was going good until one day our company suffered a huge loss. There were more losses and our company was on the verge of bankruptcy. George told me that all the losses were because of me and I am not a responsible person. We ended our partnership and business. I still remember that day, as I was shattered to hear that from him. Now, after one year we do not talk to each other. He chose money over me. He still believes that it was because of me we suffered losses. He did not believe me and nothing is the same.

I lost a friend to money and materialistic things.
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