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An emotional ride for me

An emotional turmoil hit me (Lily) when my parents decided to part ways. I was left all alone and shattered as if no one was there to support me through this tough time. I used to cry for hours thinking that why this happened to me. Why my parents can't stay together? Why I lost my family? My friend Jane came along at that time and supported me a lot.

Jane was there when no one really cared about my emotions and me. She was there with me 24/7 to support me through that tough time. She used to make me understand that things are better of letting go than holding on. If two people are not meant to be, they will never be together in life. I learned my lesson a hard way and accepted the fate. If it were not for Jane, I would have slipped into depression. My mom and dad stay separately and I stay with my mom. I also meet my dad. But, the bond that I cherish the most in life is with Jane. She is my soul sister and she has supported me every time.

I am happy that she is my best friend and lucky to have her in my life.
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