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She went away this way

My friend Mia simply stopped talking to me one day and I (Ella) had no clue. I tried to call her up but she did not pick my calls. I went to her place but she was not there in her house. I left so many messages on social media sites but everything in vain. Where did she just go leaving me this way? She just disappeared from my life. I gave up my hope to find her though I missed her every moment of my life, that kind of friendship we had.

One day, one common friend told that she knows where Mia is. I had mixed emotions. I was happy because I now know where she is but sad because she does not need me anymore in her life. I decided to meet this common friend to know about where Mia is. What she told next shattered me completely. Mia had a life threatening disease and she broke ties with all her friends because she knew she had no time. Tears started flowing from my eyes, as I wanted to know where she was. I traced her address and went to that place only to hug her so tight.

Some friendships are just not meant to be, I reached there and came to know that she is no more. I cried that whole day and cursed myself for not being with her when she needed me the most in her life.

I have moved on but with her memories in my heart forever. She will always remain that special friend of mine.
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