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A Virgo man and a Cancer woman may not be the ideal couple. They may not walk, talk and act in sync with each other but will stick together for years because of their compatibility. Though they may be different fundamentally, there are aspects of their lives that connect with each other almost instantly and make them comfortable in each other's company. Thus, if a Virgo man and a Cancer woman have a falling out due to some reason, it will take them a few hours before they are back together, living life like nothing happened.

Though a Cancer woman is strong and independent, you won't be surprised to see her depend on a man for financial as well as emotional stability. This maybe her way of asserting her feminine characteristics which are often lost in the male dominated world but then again, she will only let her guard down when certain aspects of her life come into the picture. Allow her to march through her office in a tuxedo and she will deliver better than most men in there but take her out for dinner and you will see a side of her that you didn't think existed. A Cancer woman, thus, is two people in one body that changes shape and behavior as and when appropriate.

Such a distinction does not exist with a Virgo man. However, one does see a side of him that is not found in many other men in the zodiac. He is caring and nurturing and is often very kind to the love of his life. You will see him go the extra mile for the people he loves, without expecting anything in return. Of course, he would like to see that love being reciprocated in some way but his generosity doesn't come with a pre-condition. Both, a Virgo man and a Cancer woman like to give more than they get, but each approaches this philosophy a little differently than the other.

A Virgo man and a Cancer woman will hardly ever face any financial trouble. The Virgo man is to be accredited for this. He is a very stable being and does not experiment with his money. He does not take risks and even if he does, he knows exactly what he will get out of it. He will probably pass on some financial tips to his partner, but whether the Cancer woman pays heed to it, is another story.

It is often easy for them to enjoy life as it comes to them because both individuals, the Virgo man and the Cancer woman are too laidback to care. They take enough care to ensure that their life goes on as they planned it but do not get agitated if it takes another course. A Virgo man and a Cancer woman, both need to feel that they are in control of what happens in their lives but not to an extent that they disrupt everything else to retain their positions.

Once together, it becomes difficult for a Virgo man and a Cancer woman to separate and that factor helps them grow as a graceful couple.