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Since both individuals are born in the same time period, it would be apt to mention that they will have characteristics that are similar and compatible in nature. However, sometimes, too many similarities also create causes for concern since the presence of two strong elements has the ability to repel.

A Taurus male and a Taurus female can make a very good pair. In the initial stages, they would be very happy together. But as times passes, they would need to take efforts to understand each other and give each other space. Neither a Taurus male nor a Taurus female rushes into a relationship. They are very cautious in going ahead in the relationship. Once they are committed, both of them are loyal to each other. Both the individuals will make sure insecurity does not get into the relationship. The two individuals are not extravagant spenders. They would go for good quality things but would not spend a lot on those. They would make a compatible and a loyal couple.

The only quality which would cause a little problem in the couple is their obduracy. They are rigid in their thoughts and ideas and do not like compromising. They will never budge from their thoughts and notions. Though the Taurus man and Taurus woman have a lot of trust in each other, possessiveness and jealousy may bring little disturbances in their lives. Being over-cautious can cause dullness and boredom in their love life. Either a Taurus man or a Taurus woman needs to keep their stubbornness at bay in order to maintain a healthy relationship. They need to be flexible in their daily schedule. In this way they can make time for each other and thus, maintain their relationship.

Thus, a relationship of a Taurus man and Taurus woman is a smooth-sailing and loving. But, for a long-lasting one, both need to keep their stubbornness far away and work things out.