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1. Sociable

Sagittarius are very lively and cheerful people and they love to be among other individuals. They are very much sociable and love making friends.

2. Don't like to fuss

Sagittarius don't like those who fuss around and create tensions for them or for others. They like to be free and prefer doing what they like to do. They also don't like to hear people dictating their lives as they love their freedom a lot.

3. Adventurous

Sagittarius are also very adventurous and love to roam in the outdoors. Even while they are traveling, they prefer going to different and unique places and won't like to stay at one place for a longer period of time. Sagittarius are basically very dynamic people who like traveling a lot.

4. Impatient

Sagittarius with their attitude of independence, love to live life as per their wishes. They are also very vivacious which makes them impatient with the slower things in life. They won't wait for anything. They will be restless if their work isn't over at the right time.

5. Argumentative

Sagittarius also like to win arguments if they are involved in one. This means that they won't allow the other person to win and if he does, Sagittarius will not like it.

6. Don't like household work

As Sagittarius are so very independent, they prefer others to do the household work. Also, if someone interferes with their independence and freedom, they won't tolerate it.

7. Optimistic

Sagittarius is perhaps the most optimistic of all signs. They always look at the brighter side of everything. Even if they are surrounded by negativity, they will turn the tables around and make things positive for themselves.

8. Frank

Sagittarius are known to be blunt when they talk. It's not intentional, but they can't help but be very straightforward. They will put out the truth as it is in front of the other person, not caring of the consequences.

9. Irresponsible

Sagittarius are always quick in whatever they do, they can't wait for long for something to happen. This sometimes leads them to being irresponsible in their work or life. They tend to do such things which will be inconvenient or have adverse effects on them in the future.