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A lot of work - that is what the relationship between a Sagittarius man and a Pisces woman is all about. They have distinct and very different personality traits. Reaching common ground will be like running across a never ending desert to find a patch of water. Some make it, others opt out.

The Sagittarius man is witty and will surely charm the Pisces woman at first sight. The gentle and caring nature of the Pisces woman will appeal to him. Their first meeting will be positive and levels of attraction will be high and strong. The Sagittarius man is full of energy and enthusiasm. He likes to be on the move. He is also active socially and likes to be in company of friends. The Pisces woman is a dreamer and seeks to find her inner calling. She is a simple and gentle woman who likes to be in the company of her lover. She is not the one to be extra possessive but she may find hard to control her emotions when she sees her outspoken Sagittarius man's flirty and strong nature. She should know that flirting is a strong Sagittarian trait. However, in no way does it imply dishonesty or cheating. The Sagittarius man is extremely loyal and truthful in a committed relationship. This is a different world for the Pisces woman and it may be all too much to handle! On a positive note, the Pisces woman is an excellent listener and can definitely be the go-to woman in the Sagittarius manís life. Although he is not used to be emotionally expressive, he will surely enjoy having the solid support of the Pisces woman.

Romance levels are not very highly rated in this relationship. The Sagittarius man is a bachelor at heart and feelings of closeness do not mean much to him. In no way does this signify a drop in his passion for the relationship. This is the way he is. The Pisces woman on the other hand is dreamy and full of fantasies. The cuddles on the couch, moments spent gazing into her partners eyes, and other such dreamy yet sensitive moments hold immense value in her love life. She will look for these things in the Sagittarius man. She will of course try and look after his needs, but at some point definitely feel the lack of sensitivity in the relationship if the Sagittarius man continues to be aloof. She may not be aggressive and demand what she expects because it is not in her nature, but situations like this can trigger bouts of depression in the Pisces woman which is not at all healthy for the relationship.

Sexual relationship between the Sagittarius man and the Pisces woman is great. It is the saving grace for this pair. The Pisces woman will love to please her lover. The Sagittarius man will be bold and adventurous which will open up a new world for the Pisces woman in the bedroom. He will love to play out the fantasies of the Pisces woman. It will be a crazy ride for both partners as they will both be exposed different avenues of their minds. Sex will be a solid form of communication for the pair. The Pisces woman may be able to squeeze out a pinch of emotion from the Sagittarius man in form of togetherness that they experience in the bedroom. In the initial stages, sex will be great. As the relationship progresses, much will depend on how strong the bond between the two partners remains.

The Pisces woman has strong family skills and she definitely puts her loved ones at the top in her priority list. How helpful this skill is in this relationship is doubtful. When she gets into a relationship, she will think long term. Her dreamy nature will have already thought of the wedding, home and kids just after the first few dates. The Sagittarius man's mind is far away from such things! He likes to be a master of his own feelings. This relationship is complex and tough to work at. Maybe it is a case of love at first sight, disappointment at second? Maybe not. Difficult to say, only experience will tell.