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1. Not quite into fashion

Libras are among those people who are not that fashionably advanced. They do dress well, but are not much interested in following the latest fashion trends.

2. Friendly

Libras are great at making friends and love to meet new people and have a social life. Thus, chances are that they will be seen quite often at a party or hanging out with their friends. Their pleasant nature also makes it easy for others to be friends with them.

3. Indecisive

Libras are very indecisive by nature. Their sign is represented by the weighing scales and this means that they are always in two minds. They take a lot of time to make decisions and can also get confused in difficult situations.

4. Independent

Libras don't like to take decisions with help of others. Thus, if someone is independent in nature and decides for Libras without taking their opinion, Libras won't prefer it much.

5. Patient

Libras like to take things one at a time. They don't like to rush into things. When they are at work, they will prefer to work slowly rather than doing things in a hurry and messing up. Also, when it comes to others, they will be accommodating and calm.

6. Like romantic movies

The God of Love, Venus rules this zodiac sign and thus Libras are the most romantic among all the other signs. They also like movies which are similar to their temperament. This means they like romantic movies. Libras won't be the ones to watch an action flick ever.

7. Flirtatious

Since Libras are socially amicable, they also tend to flirt a lot. Even when they are in a relationship, they tend to flirt casually. But they won't harm the relationship.

8. Sociable

Libras possess great socializing skills and have a very pleasing personality. They are easy to get along with and are also great companions.

9. Cultured

Libras also tend to be cultured in their living style. They like to buy exquisite things and are quite classy in whatever they do. They can be called as ones who are behind quality rather than quantity.