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Though a Libra man and a Gemini woman will make a great pair, the irony that haunts this pretty couple is that both their similarities and their differences will create trouble for them. A Gemini woman typically is a social being. She loves company, whether it is animal or human and does not get disturbed by the presence of anti-social elements at a gathering. Leave her alone in a party and you will be pleased to see her making new friends and trying to create a small space for herself in an unknown world. With this social behavior also comes a back draw that lets the Gemini woman be unimaginative and childlike. She will do anything in her power to get your attention and once she has it, she will throw tantrums like a baby. Naturally then, she will have to be pacified like one.

This however, is not the case with a Libra man. Though he too has a social character in him, he is mature, dignified and pleasing to be around with. While a Gemini woman can get messy and unruly, a Libra man is known to hold his fort and be rock steady when a friend is needed. Not as meticulous as a Gemini woman, a Libra man will face flak from her for being shabby. Nothing upsets a Gemini woman more than an unclean environment and if the Libra man can't change his shoddy ways, he will definitely have trouble brewing with his mate.

An electric match of personalities, a Libra man and a Gemini woman are known to understand each other very well. They do not find the need to communicate extensively with each other and get things done quickly. They are the pair that will complete each other's sentences, do mushy romantic things for each other and more importantly, be around each other when needed. Their relationship will be based on love and understanding rather than sex and lust.

Though they may come together initially because they are attracted to each other physically, later they will notice their attitude towards sex become more casual and relaxed. They will not show much passion in the bedroom but their level of spirituality and connectivity is higher than most other pairs. This is more important to ensure a long lasting, stable relationship in the future. Since the pair has that, they can go on ahead in their lives, without doubts, and hope for a successful and bright future with each other.