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Women born under the zodiac of Libra are found to be closely compatible with Leo men. Fundamentally, Libra women are very practical and headstrong in their approach to life. They do not seek attention like Leo men do, however, they find that they categorically become the center of attraction at various events. Libra women are beautiful but not in the conventional way. Their beauty appeals in a peculiar way to people who can understand her.

Libra women have strong ethical values and stick to them in times of difficulties. They are often in such dilemmas that require them to tread the wrong path that they almost let go before holding on to the hope that they will succeed keeping their morals intact. They follow their hearts and usually emerge victorious when they least expect it.

A Leo man, on the other hand, is a combination of a dynamic personality and elegant mind. They are self-centered, probably the most egoistic people of the lot, but they are always careful to mask it with their humility and nobility. They are most certainly the only group in the zodiac that loves and nurtures tenderly like women do and are not afraid to show it. They bestow love and blessings on their close ones almost as often as they wish and enhance their lives by enriching someone else's. All their generosity however, comes with a clause. They expect 100% returns on their investments. Not immediately but in due course of time when it is needed. You can always get into the good books of a Leo man if you shower him with compliments and let him know how wonderful he is. If a Libra woman greets a Leo man with one compliment each day, half her problems of being with a stubborn lion are solved right then.

A Leo man and a Libra woman will have a relationship that will be promising and fruitful. These individuals belong to signs that complement each other and allow mutual admiration to grow between them. The practical, freedom-centric and individualistic approach of both signs will bring the Leo man and the Libra woman close to each other initially. However, later into the relationship, both individuals will penetrate deep into each other's minds and find out other qualities that allure them to each other.

Letting a Leo man live with a Libra woman is a healthy deal and beneficial to both individuals involved. They can work and live in harmony with each other and can let their practical approach to life guide them to be a compatible pair.