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Picture yourself back in third grade when all you wanted to do was to win. It didn't matter who you fought with because your ultimate goal was to emerge victorious. A relationship between a Leo man and an Aries woman is like a competition. Both individuals want to win over each other and prove their control but in essence, a Leo man can cut the chase short and emerge victorious no matter what his partner does.

Both the Leo man and the Aries woman are head strong people who love their independence and freedom. Try tying them down and you'll be sure to get shot down the ground. Thus, when they come together in a relationship, expect fireworks because their union will sizzle in the beginning. The chemistry between the two would be awe-inspiring but at the same time, in due course, the relationship may get torn because of ego clashes.

Though the Leo man will be a strong lover, cautious of his partner's needs, he will want his desires to be fulfilled as well. Would he let go of an opportunity where he could be pampered and loved? Not really because as much as he likes to give, whether love or money, he likes to get it back in full. The Leo man will use his rational thinking to secure a steady path in life for himself and his woman and he will work towards a financially strong future so that he and his partner can live a comfortable life together. Very good with numbers and investments, a Leo man is sure to put his money where it can come to him with double returns.

When the Aries woman is kept with a Leo man, she will try and spread her wings to fly but will self-consciously settle back in her nest at a later time. Perhaps, her mind and heart is more generous than her partner's and she allows him to dominate knowingly or just that she is disinterested in a huge argument. But when the time comes to make a compromise in the relationship, the Aries woman will always be the one who would bow down.

The couple might experience bouts of intense pressure in their relationship where each will try to outdo the other but eventually, Leo will call the shots and ensure that things will go his way. The couple will enjoy a healthy relationship in the bedroom because both of them will enjoy the act of pleasing each other and will work hard to keep the other happy.

The relationship may become one of give and take but then again, which relationship isn't? The only difference here may be the fact that a Leo man and an Aries woman might indulge in it consciously while the others would do it sub-consciously.