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A few similarities between the Capricorn man and the cancer woman make it easier for them to come together in a relationship. The Capricorn man like the cancer woman is a little cold and aloof from the outside but is very warm and affectionate from the inside. He is very versatile and is capable of touching great heights financially as well as emotionally. And having a cancer woman by his side, the Capricorn man can hope to have a joyous life ahead of him. The couple complements each other in many ways which allows them to live happily together.

A Capricorn man by nature is very friendly and welcoming, but only once you get to know him. He is ambitious in many ways, so much so that he knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. The Capricorn man is one of those few people who will do anything to accomplish his goals and go to an extent that others will find rude and shocking. His intentions should, however, not be mistaken for insensitive behavior because he is working hard for his family. He is very possessive about his loved ones and will make an effort to do everything in his capacity to provide for them.

A cancer woman is in many ways similar to the Capricorn man. She is a home-body, who likes to maintain a family. She will, like her man, do everything in her capacity to provide for her family even if it means that she ends up sacrificing most of her time and energy for them. She is cold and calculative, only to strangers. She projects that behavior from time to time because she knows it is needed to get the job done. You cannot see a better example of two distinct personalities in one person other than that in a cancer woman.

Though they are both insensitive to others at times, this is probably one quality that plays a significant part in getting them together. Any two people in a relationship look for a connection between each other and once they find that, they build on it. The Capricorn man and the cancer woman find their behaviors similar and hence come together knowing that one will understand the other. They will be relatively better off than other couples who fight over miniscule issues from time to time and will let that work to their advantage. They are both in such signs that their coming together will signify peace and happiness for both.