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A Cancer man and a Taurus woman are one of the most compatible in the Zodiac signs. Their personality traits are such that they seem to be made for each other. Both are on the same level emotionally. Both the individuals are susceptible and touchy. They have a caring and an affable nature which makes them have a strong bond with each other. Since they are on the same level emotionally, their areas of interest would also be similar. This means both Cancer man and Taurus woman enjoy doing similar things together. The Cancer man makes the Taurian woman feel protected and she makes the Cancer man feel loved and respected. Family is important for the Cancer man and that is one aspect which is appreciated by his partner. A Cancer man will love the Taurus woman's balanced approach towards life. Thus, they form a very strong bond which is necessary in any healthy relationship. Also, both of them appreciate the indoors more than the outdoors. They enjoy quiet dinners, movie nights and other home-based activities immensely.

The only catch in this relation is when the Taurian woman is agitated. She can get very sarcastic and ruthless with her words which may not go down too well with the somewhat vulnerable nature of the Cancerian. She needs to be careful about what she is saying to not hurt her man. If this is taken care of, the couple can pretty much be happy in each other's company.

The relationship between a Cancer man and a Taurus woman will blossom in every aspect and has the ability to stay successful for a long time. However, nothing in life comes without hard work and same is the case with this couple. They should learn to respect and grant freedom to each other. This will ensure that their relationship flourishes for years to come.