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A dynamic combination, the Cancer man and Sagittarius woman can be a pair that can intimidate others and rule the zodiac calendar if they want to. The union of a fire and water sign can always be tumultuous but if the individuals know how to balance it, they can lead very satisfying lives. Being in a relationship is always challenging but if both the people know the troubles and joys of being together, they can make the relationship work in their favor.

A Cancer man is a fierce lover and an individual who nurtures and cares for his partner. These qualities in a Cancer man will appeal to the Sagittarius woman who has perhaps never seen that sentiment in anyone before. A Cancer man holds the key to the Sagittarius woman's heart.

Once a man knows exactly what works for a Sagittarius woman, it will not take long for him to get in a relationship with her. As a thumb rule, a Sagittarius woman will be charming, attractive, a great conversationalist and a passionate lover. Though a deadly combination, these qualities in the woman make her more desirous and work in her favor when she wants to pick a mate for herself..

The relationship can be tumultuous because it brings together those individuals that are dramatically opposite in nature. While one is calm and composed, the other is outgoing and vivacious. While one knows how to maintain the modesty in a social setting, the other will behave as the heart desires without placing any regard to the surrounding environment.

In their relationship, the Cancer man will be honored to have a Sagittarius woman as his partner. He will do everything in his power to keep her with him despite the various obstacles that will plague their journey together. However, a Sagittarius woman will look for easy escapes and make a quick run to the door when she thinks that things aren't going her way. Though she can be very adjusting, there will be a point when she will give up everything and move on.

A very unstable relationship in character, the union of the two signs - Cancer and Sagittarius can either mean trouble or blissful happiness. How the couples choose to look at their lives and what they make of it, is their calling.