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The union of a Cancer man and a Gemini woman has the tendency to be mystifying as well nasty. The balance that is reached between the two will hold the threads of the relationship together. For a large part, the couple will enjoy a healthy relationship but due to the shifty and moody nature of the Gemini woman, the union may come under stress.

The Gemini woman is depicted by twins in the astrology calendar. This symbol also contains the secrets to her qualities that form the basis of her existence. The Gemini female is always on the lookout for excitement and adventure in her life. She is a people's person so she enjoys company and can strike an undeniable rapport with the Devil too! However, the Cancer man is a total opposite and is known to retract into his shell once he finds himself amidst a crowd.

Though both signs complement each other fantastically, they are both quite distinct from each other in character. The Cancer man learns to adapt to the Gemini woman's whims and fancies and the woman makes an equal effort to be patient with her man. This way, they co-exist with each other peacefully and happily.

The Gemini woman has an unpredictable behavioral pattern where she shows intense love and passion one minute, extreme hatred the very next. She can display a range of emotions in one eventful hour and can scare the wits out of a sane person. It takes a lot to understand and co-habit with a Gemini woman and a Cancer male understands that. He weaves his way around her peculiar nature and ensures that they live happy lives.

Compromise comes from both ends in this relationship when there is a need for it. Even if it fails, both partners are rational enough to know that their relationship is more important than their egos. They make an effort to keep their weaknesses aside and build a strong foundation for them. In this way, they ensure that their life together is a fruitful journey of successfully conquered battles.