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To understand the fundamental workings of a successful relationship between a Cancer man and a Cancer woman, you will need to snoop around with a detective eye. Chances are, even then you may not be successful in deciphering what makes their marriage / relationship tick.

The coming together of two similar individuals as in the case of a Cancer man and a Cancer woman is not spectacular rather predictable. Why? It seems only natural that two people with similar likings and hobbies come together and decide to spend their lives together. However, with a Cancer couple, the relationship is rather sketchy and is made up of far too many conditions and pretences.

Beneath all the lovely layers of compassion and care is a cold calculative brain that looks at each aspect of life in a 'win-lose' situation. This is not restricted to business decisions with Cancer people. This aspect of their lives replicated in the home, bedroom and their private lives. No Cancer individual will take a decision that doesn't benefit him/her in the short or long term. These individuals need to see some sort of advantage with their alliances or else they are known to take the first exit out!

So, when they see that their alliance benefits them mutually, they will go ahead and seal it. Whether it is in business or in marriage, a Cancer couple will work well together. They will form a lovely bond between themselves that will allow them to cherish their lives together. They will want to extend this bond and include new members in their circle of love which may explain an early baby in the marriage.

Not the ones to let trivial issues blow up into huge fights, these Cancer individuals will work their way through most of the obstacles another couple might find disturbing. Since they are calculative of every decision that they take, the couple will know the right step to take if they see their future in danger. Through their practical approach in life, they will successfully maneuver all that comes in their way of happiness.

Beyond the nitty gritties of the relationship, whether a Cancer man and Cancer woman will be able to sustain their relationship is a question that holds a simple, calculative and logical answer: Yes.