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For an Aries woman to be in a relationship with a Cancer man is a challenging yet rewarding journey. Though both individuals are dependent on each other to a large extent, each brings a certain life lesson to the fore that enhances the life of their partner. An Aries woman will show the Cancer man that persistence in life is necessary while the Cancer man will show his mate that life can be cherished in each moment and not in just the important events.

A Cancer man is, like the crab, impenetrable from the outside. However, once seen from the inside, the man is as sensitive, caring and considerate as his counterpart. To trust someone is a difficult proposition for the man and if betrayed, in love or business, he will emerge stronger and more guarded than ever. Trust however, is not an issue with the Arian. Women born under this sign are generally very independent and need no external comfort from their woes.

When these two signs come together, they not only bring in a lot of chemistry in the relationship, but they also bring the danger of ruining it forever. For this reason perhaps, many feel that friendship between an Aries woman and a Cancer man lasts longer than a fruitful relationship. This is not to say that a fulfilling relationship is not viable with them. It simply needs a lot of work and caution to progress with.

Two dynamically different signs such as the Aries and the Cancer mark the coming together of two radical individuals. Since both have a different thought process and are very practical in nature, it creates a clash of sorts. When this clash is allowed to grow uninhibited, it causes the failure of the relationship.

The key to preserving a relationship between a Cancer man and an Aries woman is to keep each individual in an imaginary boundary line that the other partner isn't allowed to cross. This will help them mark their zones and will eventually let peace prevail in their lives and their relationship.