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More about Larkspur

The birth flower for July is the Larkspur. The July birth flower has over 300 species which are native to most of Northern Hemisphere and to the high mountains in African continent.

Origin of Name:
The scientific name for Larkspur is 'Delphinium'. The word 'Delphinium' means dolphin in Latin and relates to the shape of the opening flower. The other common names are Lark's heel, Lark's claw, and Knight's spur.

Symbolic Meaning:
The Larkspur mainly signifies good luck. The flower also signifies laughter and happiness. In ancient days, a white Larkspur would represent joy and happy nature.

Personality Traits:
The people with Larkspur as July birth flower are believed to have a wonderful humor. They have a very amiable and debonair personality. They are generally warm and pleasing in nature. The July born people are often loyal to their family.

Significance During Events & Holidays:
Larkspur has a fascinating history and the meaning of this flower has evolved with time. The July flower Larkspur is worn to celebrate Canada day on July 1.

Interesting facts:
- Although most Larkspur species are poisonous, some are very fatal if ingested.
- Most species of this flower are highly endangered species and are hence their locations are still undisclosed.
- Larkspur is also called as 'Water Lily'.

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