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1. Adventurous

You are a highly adventurous person. There hardly will be any dull moment in your life. You are always forthcoming for doing brave activities if given the chance. You won't stay behind for having a good time in your life.

2. Selfish

Arians tend to think too much about yourselves. Thus, people think of you as being selfish and self-centered. You will always keep yourselves first and take decisions. It mostly happens that you have your own interests at heart and that's why you don't think of others much.

3. Can't take advice

You cannot take advice from others. You don't like to listen to others and take their suggestions or even those opinions that they present to you for your own benefit.

4. Love challenges

You are a very daring person and like to take challenges as they come in your life. If there's something exciting ahead, but it also has risks, you won't be afraid of wanting to know what that is.

5. Can't take criticism

You also don't like it if people oppose your views. You cannot take criticism even if it is helpful to you. So if someone tells you that your solution turned out to be wrong for them, you will dislike it and it won't go well with you.

6. Enthusiastic

You are a very cheerful and lively person. You don't like to live life in a dull manner. Instead, you prefer to go out and have a blast with your friends. You have an adventurous streak and enthusiastic nature.

7. Passionate

You are very passionate when it comes to love. You make your partner feel your love with all the romantic things that you do for him/her. When committed and in love, you just let your emotions flow and make your partner very happy.

8. Confident

You are also very confident about yourself and whatever you do. If you are given a task at your workplace, you will do it very confidently and efficiently. You will not falter ever in your life as you know and are sure of what to do.

9. Impulsive

You are quite impulsive by nature and don't like to take too much of time in thinking about various things in life. If there's a decision pending, you will take it quickly without giving it too much thought. This can prove to be a drawback for you.