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Standing On The Shore

Standing on the shore,
Nothing you can achieve.
Doers jump in the sea,
For the pearls they wish to reap.
Deep the sea, deeper is the struggle,
Deep is the struggle, deeper is the gain.
Bigger the challenge, lesser the doers,
Being a doer, you can be a winner.
Those who keep far,
From challenges and work.
Winners they never are,
Doing nothing they always lurk
When you have the courage,
When you possess the zest.
Your destiny will turn,
Passing every test.
To a future you make with your hands,
Being the designer of your destiny.
Holding the time like gravels of sand,
Can never be of any use.
As time has to pass and,
You are to choose,
To put efforts all that you can,
Or to lose.
So get up and have,
Faith in yourself.
As you are the only one,
To fight for your glee.
Standing on the shore,
Least you can achieve.
Doers jump in the sea,
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