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Life Path Number 9 Meaning

Life Path Number 9 is the path of the Humanitarian or people who want to change the world and make it a better place to live in. Their actions are always people oriented and filled with compassion for others. They shun power but take up the crest only if the position can benefit people and help those in need. They love to be a part of organizations that work for the betterment of people or some religious organizations. They have a very superior sense of morals and a strong value system with clear definitions of right and wrong in life. Life path number 9 people feel that their existence is incomplete if they don't make their contributions towards some great cause.

How to find out if your life path number is 9?

The life path number is calculated from your complete date of birth (mm-dd-yyyy).
1) Consider a sample date of birth: July 9, 1946 (07-09-1946).
2) Add all the digits of your month, date and the year (all 4 digits of the year) together.
3) In this case, add 7+9+1+9+4+6 = 36. Keep adding till you get a number from 1-9, 11, 22 or 33.
4) So, add the digits in 36, i.e., 3+6 = 9.
5) Hence in this case, the life path number is 9.

Life Path Number 9: Love

People born with life path number 9 love to be single as the concept of relationships does not go down well with them. Neither does the term soul mate give them much pleasure at all. They hate emotional dramas, possessiveness, jealousy and other such concepts linked with relationships. Many people born with number 9 look at the concept of relationships with disgust. Even sex does not appeal much to them and they perform it only for the act of procreation.

Life Path Number 9: Career

People born with life path number 9 are blessed with a number of talents and thus might find it very difficult to stick to just one job throughout their life. They are extremely good at teaching and preaching and thus they make great priests and religious heads. They have an excellent flair in arts and their artistic flair is unmatched. Number 9 people have a strong sense of humanitarian attitude and hence they also love working for some great cause. They may rise to the top if they work with some charitable organization that works for the benefit of human kind. Their healing nature, artistic and creative abilities will help them in becoming writers, painters, psychic readers, architects, musicians, designers, etc.

Positive Traits Of Life Path Number 9

People born with life path number 9 are very loving and compassionate individuals who very well understand people and their respective needs. These individuals strive to make this world a better place to live in. They are broad-minded people who accept people as they are, with all their flaws. They have high levels of tolerance and accept people's desires and weaknesses. Life path number 9 people are very good at networking and have a very wide social circle which comes in handy when they have to help someone in need. They may not be that well to do financially but wealth means very little to these individuals who are much beyond materialistic needs. They love to travel and see new places. They have very powerful psychic abilities. Their loving and caring nature draws people to them. They are great listeners and have an ability to make people better almost instantly. They have a high spiritual quotient and have a strong connect with God. They demonstrate this connect to others through action rather than just preaching about it. Number 9 people also have a deep understanding of life and its philosophies. Their rich thoughts generally find expression in the form of works of art instead of speech.

Negative Traits Of Life Path Number 9

A terrible temper is what ruins the picture perfect image of the people born with the life path number 9. They are impatient and hate it if their plans are delayed even to a slightest bit. These people are poor judges of character and thus their kind and loving nature can be misused and manipulated by clever and cunning people. Many a times, they give up hopes as they feel betrayed and cheated by people they have helped. And indeed they do suffer as many people just use their generous nature to fulfill their own selfish needs. They are eccentric in nature which is why many people do not understand their potential. They are miles away from being subtle about their ideas which may be a cause of embarrassment for them at times.

Celebrities With Life Path Number 9

Rowan Atkinson, Tyra Banks, Bea Arthur, Roberto Benigni, Jim Carrey, Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins, Whitney Houston, Michael Richards, Kurt Russell, Sharon Stone, and Renee Zellweger are some celebrities born with Life Path Number 9.

Thus, people born with the life path number 9 think of making the world a better place as their life's mission. And they dedicate their life to one cause from which mankind would benefit in some way or other. Compassionate in nature with an eagerness to help everyone in need, number 9 people may be manipulated by others for their greed. However, this does not crush their determination of following the path of service to human kind.