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Life Path Number 11 Meaning

Let us know about the numerology of number 11. The Life Path Number 11 is also called as a Master Number. When a birth date reduces itself to 11 according to the life path analysis, we do not add up the digits to the number 2 but instead let 11 retain its characteristics.
People born with the life path number 11 are spiritually illuminated individuals who possess spiritual knowledge much beyond the reach of another average mortal. They are a source of inspiration for many. They are people who are often misunderstood in life and have to face the wrath of the world. Number 11 people are true visionaries whose ideas and concepts are accepted and idealized not instantly but over a gradual period of time. As the number 11 adds up to 2 which is the life path of the coordinator, the people born with the life path number 11 are called as Flawed Coordinators.

How to find out if your life path number is 11?

The life path number is calculated from your complete date of birth (mm-dd-yyyy).
1) Consider a sample date of birth: November 19, 1961 (11-19-1961).
2) Add all the digits of your month, date and the year (all 4 digits of the year) together.
3) In this case, add 1+1+1+9+1+9+6+1 = 29. Keep adding till you get a number from 1-9, 11, 22 or 33.
4) So, add the digits in 29, i.e., 2+9 = 11.
5) Hence in this case, the life path number is 11.

Life Path Number 11: Love

People with Number 11 are extremely passionate when it comes to love. They make great companions as they can understand their partner's needs and try their best to fulfill them. They are blessed with a good sense of humor and hence are very entertaining to be with. However, Number 11 individuals may suffer from mood swings which might make dealing with them a tad bit difficult. They may also react fiercely once they lose their temper which can cause problems in their relationships.

Life Path Number 11: Career

People born with the number 11 are relatively unstable as far as career is concerned. They tend to change their careers very impulsively like other people change clothes. It may not happen with every number 11 person but it happens with most of them. Most often, such individuals give up their careers to study the unexplained like spirituality, occult, etc. Number 11 people are visionaries who make exceptionally good students, psychics, mystics, healers, teachers, writers, musicians and artists.

Positive Traits Of Life Path Number 11

People born with the life path number 11 are highly enthusiastic in nature. They are slow to mature and success comes to them mostly after the age of 35-40. However, they astonish not just the world but themselves too at the rate of their success. Number 11 people can work amazingly well in a team and generally play the role of balancing the diverse opinions of the various individuals. They are diplomatic in nature and their decisions are people oriented. Almost always, they are deep-thinkers who want to understand the mysteries that life has to offer. They are patient and well-cultured people with a refined taste for art, music and beauty. Their patience is a boon and so is there perseverance.

Negative Traits Of Life Path Number 11

Such individuals don't just have high expectations from themselves but also from others around them. When these expectations are not fulfilled it gives rise to lots of frustrations. Number 11 people are impractical and have a tendency to day-dream. Thus they get stuck in the phase of visionaries. People born with the life path number 11 are extremely self-conscious and tend alienate themselves from the rest of the crowd. They are aware of their true potential but face the problem of low self-confidence. Mood swings and uncontrollable anger are some more negative characteristics. Number 11 people get nervous and jittery pretty easily and cannot hold back their words if angered.

Celebrities With Life Path Number 11

Celebrities like Melanie Brown, Kobe Bryant, Nick Carter, Gwyneth Paltrow, LeAnn Rimes, and Emma Watson were born with the life path number 11.

Thus, people born with the life path number 11 are visionaries who are extremely enthusiastic about their dreams and ambitions. They are people with a spiritual high, loved and respected by many. Though they can be misunderstood and put down, their enthusiasm makes sure that their dreams are fulfilled, if not instantly but at least later in their life.