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Getting a relationship between a Pisces man and an Aquarius woman to work is like driving through beautiful country roads, and then suddenly hit by a thousand miles of desert without water. But if they do manage to surpass the desert into the greens again, both can learn a lot from each other and can surely bend the laws of the zodiac to have a very caring and passionate relationship that lasts a lifetime.

The Aquarius woman has an agenda. Her personality is full of color and she is usually the one who has all the surprises in store with her crazy thoughts. It would not be surprising if the Aquarius woman had to "wear the pants " in this relationship. This can either compliment the Piscean man's caring, gently and calm personality, or can cause sparks. The Piscean man's ability to be a good listener plays a very vital role in this relationship. He is able to strengthen the relationship by reading her mind and tolerating her antics. The Aquarius woman on the other hand will spill her attitude and thoughts on the Piscean man and is usually in need of the "anchor " to be in place in her life. Putting his ego aside is the Piscean man's asset in this fiery relationship. This virtue will help Aquarius woman to tune her feelings and emotions for the better of the relationship.

The Pisces man is the romantic while the Aquarius woman is the wild one. Sexually, they can be a dream match. If the Aquarius woman takes charge in the bed, there are no surprises. Although there will be no need for words in this heavenly and steamy physical bond, they are at mercy of a strong mental connection. The Piscean man needs to realize that his partner is what he had always dreamt of and is to be treasured for life. The Aquarius woman on the other hand not only needs to help the Piscean man to realize this, but also needs to bring her love for life into the relationship with an open mind.

Arguments can be a common thing in this beautiful mismatch. The Aquarius woman can sometimes find the Piscean man to be too dreamy. Unknowingly, the Piscean man may send across the vibe of complacency, even when he feels the exact opposite from within. On the other hand, the Piscean man may find the Aquarius woman very cold and rude, which may infuse the fear of losing someone special within him. This quarrel of thoughts within the two minds can make the two think twice, "Does she really want me? " or "Does he really want me? ". Overcoming this doubt is the key to the survival of this relationship.

The combination of a Pisces man and an Aquarius woman is hard and both will be required to make compromises. There will be a struggle to find stability in the relationship. However, in this intimate battle of love, both will enjoy each other's company and this relationship will take them on an exciting adventure.