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More about Chrysanthemum

The birth flower for November is the Chrysanthemum. The November birth flower has close to 30 species and are native to Eurasia. It is believed that Chrysanthemum has been cultivated in China since 15th century. The flower is most preferred among florists and used in flower bouquets extensively by them.

Origin of Name:
The name 'Chrysanthemum', has Greek roots. It is a combined term of two Greek words, 'Chrysos' which means gold and 'Anthos' which means flower respectively. The common names for Chrysanthemum are 'Mums' and 'Chrysanths'.

Symbolic Meaning:
The Chrysanthemum has a fascinating history and the meaning of the November birth flower has evolved with time. The November flower mainly signifies sympathy and secret love. It also signifies prosperity and enjoyment. Back in the Victorian era, the flower would signify a message of 'wonderful friendship'.

Personality Traits:
The people with Chrysanthemum as November birth flower are believed to have a pleasant personality. They are generally very kind and considerate by nature. They possess a strong intuition and tend to think from their mind rather than their heart. The November born people are known to make new friends quite easily. They are generally very sincere by nature.

Significance During Events & Holidays:
Chrysanthemum is an ancient flower and is often worn on many important occasions. It is used to celebrate occasions like All Saints Day (November 1) and Thanksgiving Day, a major American holiday. In Europe, the flower is considered a symbol of death and is used in funerals.

Interesting facts:
- National flower of Japan. - A Chinese city was named 'Chu-Hsien' which means 'Chrysanthemum city'. - The Chrysanthemum is an useful and powerful antiseptic.

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