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More about Daisy

The birth flower for April is the Daisy. It has over 20000 species which are native to Europe, North America and South America. The flower is widely sold by florists because of its popularity and hence grown all over the world.

Origin of Name:
The scientific name for Daisy is, 'Bellis perennis'. The name Daisy is a modified version of the name 'day's eye'. This is because the Daisy closes its flower head in the night and opens up in the day. The other familiar local names of the April birth flower are lawn Daisy, common Daisy, English Daisy, African Daisy and Barberton Daisy.

Symbolic Meaning:
The April birth flower signifies virtue and delightful pleasure. The Daisy also represents humility and youthful nature and devoted love.

Personality Traits:
The people with Daisy as their April birth flower are usually street smart. They believe in spreading happiness and smiles all around them. April-born people possess outstanding leadership qualities and tend to use it very well to succeed in life. April-born people are optimistic and tolerant by nature.

Significance During Events & Holidays:
The Daisy is often sported on special occasions and events. The bright and striking looking flower is widely used in making bouquets for occasions such as weddings and birthdays. The April birth flower is also used in decorations by party-planners everywhere.

Interesting facts:
- Daisies are available all around the world except Antarctica.
- Daisies show a characteristic inflorescence.

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